The Team



Pro Computers is a private company. Founded in the 2004 by Igno van Rooyen, the company is registered as IVR IT PROFESSIONALS PTY LTD, trading as Pro Computers. Igno van Rooyen is Pro Computers’ General Manager and owner. He is also our main IT Consultant with 12 years of experience in all fields if IT and running of a Small Business started with only a dream and no money. Today he can proudly say with a smile he is still servicing the same clients that started out with the company and our new clients. And we have proved to be able to keep up with demand and grow at a good rate but still keep costs low. We also own the property from where we operate our home base. And we have a strong monthly revenue making sure we can service our obligations every month and stay in business.


Jacques Muller is our Technical Manager and he has also been with the company for 10 years. He handles all of our day to day technical operations and our other technicians report to him on a daily basis with updates on all work done. He is the GURU and the Go to Guy with all technical Problems and seems to always find the answer faster than the rest


Niqueline Schlechter is our Financial Manager she has been with the company for more than 7 years and rules over the expenses with a hand of steel to make sure the company cash flow stays in control. She is also the owner of Divine Studio, Who Designs and develops laser cut and 3d printed products and ships to everywhere in South Africa we make use of her services a lot for custom made cabinets and even parts when not available easily in south Africa.


We have 2 Cable installation teams fully geared with all the tool needed to install any network you desire we have extensive knowledge on network installations, Fiber optics, CCTV, Access Control. Our Installation Teams know very well that quality and neatness of all installations are not an option but a Main priority.